About me

I am a musician, video artist, media programmer & teacher; originally from Germany, but living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years.
I'm tutor at the Frank Mohr Institute Groningen (FMI) for the Master cource MADtech, and I also teach things like programming in Max/MSP.
A lot of my work is in the form of projects, which can be long-term endeavours or once-only events.

Generally, these take place in the field of music, video, programming and art.

© Paul Glazier

I did the Instruments & Interfaces Master course that STEIM and the Institute of Sonology offer, and there I develop the electronic part of my setup in multiple dimensions. The result is my Hybrid Instrument.
More on that - and the 'conventional' instruments of my setup - you can finde here.


I am core tutor at the FMI Groningen, for the Master course MADtech (Media, Art, Design & technology).
More on that you can find here.