Band: Ausputzer

A band where Meindert Talma sang German lyrics.
Unfortunately history.

collaboration music

Ausputzer was an experimental band from Groningen that existed between 2009 and ca. 2011. It featured Meinder Talma on German texts and piano / synthesizer, Fons Sluiter on double bass / cello, and Corneel Canters on drums. I myself played theremin, saxophone, bass clarinet and flute, all through an array of effect pedals.

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Ausputzer does not exist anymore, but the instrumental tracks were recycled by Meindert Talma for a Dutch CD.



"Clark Nova":


Meindert Talma - Vocals, piano, synthesizer Jan Klug - theremin, saxophone, bass clarinet, flute Fons Sluiter - double bass Corneel Canters - drums

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