Collaboration with Christine Otten

...and also with the Last Poets

I performed together With Dutch writer Christine Otten numerous times. Our paths crossed for the first time when I was on tour with my Poets from Epibreren in South Africa, and Christine was touring with some other writers. Spontaneously we performed together in the Huis der Nederlanden, where the bass sounds of my Pataphone shook the speakers out of the ceiling.
We took that as a good sign, and from there on created a couple of joined pieces of text and music.

Our most recent collaboration was at Lowlands 2017, together with the legendary Last Poets, godfathers of hiphop - which is somehow not unrelated to Christine's book about them...
I have been a fan of the Last Poets since I met them on a poetry festival in Porto, and since then witnessed quite some of their explosive performances.

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