De Dichters uit Epibreren

A group that combined poetry, music and performance

I joined the Poets from Epibreren in 1996 as a musician, and am still a member of that group, although it faded into hibernation around 2007. In the last few years before that, the group consisted of the two poets Bart FM Droog and Tjitse Hofman – and me. There have been other members, and when I find time to write my memoires I will definitely have many stories to tell, but somehow priorities are shifting around too much to start with that.
Most of the more than 700 performances I did up till now have been with this group, but not much audiovisual proof of that exists (smartphones back then had only appeared in SF-novels). There has been made a documentary on Epibreren, called [Bliksem en Betonrot](), but that is more a story of the decay.

The CD [Wei Epibreren]() is sold out, but some songs are still online, and we might consider submitting it for streaming.

In the mean time though you should definitely have a look at our dear old website – which is the first site I ever built, in a time when I thought shadows and bevels on text buttons were a cool and fancy thing.

Most parts of it are written in Dutch (except for the ‘international’ parts), but Dutch is easy and fun to learn..

De Dichters uit Epibreren. © Reyer Boxem.

De Dichters uit Epibreren. © Chris van Wierst.

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