Project: De Harde Marge

An ongoing collaboration, mixing poetry, music and live drawing.

The first performance took place at Poetry Berlin, in a joined program with musician Broeder Dieleman, poets Frank Keizer, Els Moors, Tsead Bruinja and Lies van Gasse - who also did the live drawing magic, just like in our previous colaboration.

The description in the programme:

The invited artists from the Netherlands and Belgium will be playing with the diverse styles and sounds of Dutch and Flemish poetry. Together they have developed an unusual inter-disciplinary performance of music, poetry and video art which will be premièred at the 17th poesiefestival berlin: Songs, grooves and poems (gedachte) – played, read and sung live in front of drawings projected on to the screen. From Folk to Electronic, from abstract to anecdotal, from the rawness of Frisia in the north to the gentle Flemings of the south – we can look forward to a treat of movement and being moved.

Since then, a couple of more performances happened in Germany, and also Groningen (Dichters in de Prinsentuin) and Leeuwarden (Explore the North) have been added to the list. It might just happen to become a habit..

Foto in opdracht van Dichters in de Prinsentuin gemaakt door Reyer Boxem

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