Ausputzer playing!

foto by Henx (

People in Groningen these days have some chances to witness a live performance by AUSPUTZER, my [after 1 year still] new band, featuring Meindert Talma on voice / piano, Corneel Canters on drums and Fons Sluyter on double bass.

As part of the Gronnsonic / Eurosonic festival, we’ll perform in Cafe Koster on january 13, and january 30 we’ll play in the Paleis.

And today we had our first unplugged concert (and also unplugged from Corneel), live on Oog Radio. Well, it gets about time to release the CD that we recorded last summer! So expect it by fall 2011…


Clark Nova: 


This clip I edited from the movie archives of GAVAGroningen for Ausputzer’s performance at Noorderzon festival 2010 (Format GAVA).

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