This is a collaborative project involving City Theatre Jazavac (Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina), Offucina Eclectic Arts (Spoleto, Italy) and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club (New York). “Brothers” is a new performance created by La MaMa’s director Andrea Paciotto, with the young theatre company Jacavaz, from Banja Luka. The piece is inspired from a poem written by Ellen Stewart, based upon the Old Testament, which narrates about a long list of brothers-enemies, endless conflicts told throughout the ancient scriptures. The history of humankind has been signed by such conflicts, unsolved contradictions that stretch all the way through our contemporary world.

Starting from Ms. Stewart’s poem, the company develops a new interdisciplinary performance that deals with such issues and questions. Around the figure of Abraham, the patriarch recognized from Jews, Christians and Muslims, concentrates the symbol of a man engaged in the nomadic search of the truth, intended as divine revelation. Through the metaphoric language of theatre, the performance approaches the ancient scriptures in order to evidence the roots common to all monotheistic religions. It digs out and exposes human destructive and violent impulses, the archetypical seeds of the tragedy of human existence, in a contemporary attempt to recover the spiritual sense of theatre.


New York premiere
La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, April 2008


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