foto by Henx (http://www.henx.nl)


Originally, I’m a saxophone player from Germany.
Nowadays, I’m a musician / video artist / media programmear, living in the Netherlands for almost 15 years.
I teach at the Frank Mohr Instituut Groningen (FMI), where I’m core teacher for the study ‘Interactive Media and Environments (MFA IME), and I also teach programming Max/MSP.
A lot of my work is in the form of projects, but since 2009 I also play in the band Ausputzer.

…this website:

I designed & built it myself, learning about things like CSS, PHP, IE (“incompatible engine”) etc. It’s built with/upon WordPress, and every now and then under construction.

…the photo in the top-left corner (with the flute)

It was taken by Chris van Wierst, and it shows me while I produce bubbles with my flute. This technique I developed while being on tour as a guest musician with ‘Arling & Cameron‘, together with Fay Lovsky; I mainly applied it during the song ‘W.E.E.K.E.N.D.’.
Well, of course it ruined that flute.. but it was worth it! [in a way.. sorry, flute..]

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