Teaching activities

Interactive Media and Environments (IME), MFA

Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen

Since 2008, I’m one of the two core tutors of the IME department of the Frank Mohr Instituut (aka FMI Masters), a post-graduate school for experimental art research.

I started working at IME already in 2004, when I started giving Max/MSP/Jitter-workshops and support.

Although I still happily continue this programming-support, my area of responsibility now also includes guiding the students in the realization of their diverse projects and research, constructing the curriculum, inviting guest teachers etc.


Frank Mohr Institute Groningen

Max/MSP/Jitter Workshops

Mainly in colaboration with Offucina Eclectic Arts, I gave a couple of Max/MSP/Jitter workshops. Mainly in Italy.



Programming support

Menzis installation

The installation of Wendela Loman and Sander Houtkruijer
ath the Menzis building, Groningen

I supported media artists Wendela Loman and Sander Houtkruijer in the realization of their interactive installation at the Menzis buiding, Groningen. They took elements from the building’s wallpaper and animated them in a way that they reacted to passing people at the elevators.

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