Decomposition Symphony



The interactive video cube. © Jan Klug


‘Decomposition Symphony’ is the project that Robert-Paul Jansen produced at the Grand Theatre Groningen in the context of his one-year ‘Station Noord’ trajectory, a collaboration of several theatres in the north of the Netherlands to give young theatre professionals the opportunity to develop their skills with great artistic freedom.

For this production, Robert-Paul asked me to take care of the multimedia part of the performance – namely, composition of the music, the visuals and the programmed interactivity.

The result of our working period in the studio of the Grand Theatre was a show which involved a 3 x 3 m videocube, which surrounded the live play by Robert Paul for most parts of the show; the visuals were mainly transformed live images.

‘Decomposition Symphony’ is a performance about letting go of standard ways of perception of reality, truth and the fear of becoming what you fear most [excuse my bad translation..]



Concept and performance Robert-Paul Jansen
Sound, visuals and media programming Jan Klug
Dramaturgic advice and mental support Ellen den Hollander
Media support Jasper Buurman
Technical support Tuuk van der Tuuk



The first two performances have been in march 2007 at the Grand Theatre Groningen.

More performances are scheduled for the Noorderzon festival 2007, which will take place in august. Also these will happen at the Grand Theatre.


Grand Theatre Groningen

Station Noord



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