Iemand moet het doen


In 2005, Dutch singer Meindert Talma asked me if I could make background video clips for the oncoming theatre show of his band ‘Meindert Talma & the Negroes’. I accepted the job, and together we created the show ‘Iemand moet het doen’ (‘Somebody will have to do it’).

Nyk de Vries as “Klaas” in “Een Smerig Karwei”
(“A dirty Job”)



Lyrics, music Meindert Talma
Visuals, media programming Jan Klug
Band Janke Brands
Janpier Brands
Meindert Talma
Nyk de Vries
Dancers Eva Puschendorf
Yvonne Weschke
Voices Irene Wiersma
Directing, light design André Pronk
Assistant director Hilde Mulder
Sound Jochem Schouten
Promo design Hugomatic
Promotion KW Theaterpromotie
Audio production Renger Koning
Facilities Grand Theatre Groningen
Production Nyk de Vries

The flyer of the show




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