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The SunCycle project was a show that Offucina produced for the National Week of Education on Sustainable Energy in Italy, with the premiere on 11-11-06 in the Auditorium in Rome, for the UNESCO and Legambiente.

It developed in two complementary parts and modalities. These were the premises:


© Sonja Zugic


An architectural installation, consisting of a MOBILE SUSTAINABLE THEATRE that can be easily installed in any public space, either natural or urban. This structure is the theatre, the container for the performance, but also collects the energy for the performance through a series of solar panels, batteries and other systems integrated in the structure. The idea is to make the installation accessible for the audience during the day and to use different interactive mechanism so that the audience can be directly involved, in a fun and educative way, in the process of producing energy.


© Sonja Zugic


SUNCYCLE as a dance and theatre performance about ENERGY and energetic cycle, fusing together music, images and lights, taking place in the sustainable theatre installation. It explores different aspects of energy, through a development that follows the evolution of human understanding of this fundamental life force. Few characters, scientists and philosophers, appear from the pass on stage during this journey. They are archetypes of a sustainable science, representing the research for an harmonic and non destructive approach towards human development.


Concept, artistic direction Andrea Paciotto (IT)
Choreography, artistic direction Vanessa Tamburi (IT)
Development, organization Adriana Garbagnati (IT)
Development, dramaturgy, communication systems Federico Bonelli (IT, NL)
Music, programming, media design Jan Klug (D, NL)
Electric systems engineering Stefano Lucidi (IT)
Light design, technical direction Danny Walker
Fotovoltaic system Emiliano Cecchini (IT)
Development, diffusion Kama Krishna (India, USA)
Coordinator research and design team* Mia David Zaric (SRB)
Research and design team* Tatjana Mandic (SRB)
Research and design team* Marija Palanacki (SRB)
Research and design team* Aleksandra Zdravkovic (SRB)
Research and design team* Sonja Zugic (SRB)
Research and design team* Miodrag Kuc (SRB)
Research and design team* Goran Mirkovi (SRB)
(BELGRADE UNIVERSITY OF ARTS) Radivoje Dinulovic – Director of Department




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