Tamango at the Wall House. ©Jan Klug

Inspired by the Wall House, Dutch singer Meindert Talma wrote ten songs. "Tamango" turned out to be an intimate English-sung song cycle/music experience, telling the visitor about "The Tourist" (Jurgen Veenstra) who visits the Wall House Hotel to farewell his deceased former lover Jacky Hall (Alicia Ziff) – and gets ready to leave his own life. I used the walls (coincidence or not?) of the Wall House to project video images of The Tourist’s life and his struggle. The Wallhouse and the close-by Hoorse Meer created a great contrast with Tamango’s blues; Heartbreak Vinex. The performance involved three singers, a keyboard player, three strings and a percussionist. The audience was lead thru all of the rooms of the Wallhouse, witnessing past and present of The Tourist.


The crew

The crew of ‘Tamango’ in front of the Wall House.

Songs, arrangements, singing, keyboards Meindert Talma
Directing, arrangements Thuur Caris
Visuals, media programming Jan Klug
Vocals, performing Jurgen Veenstra
Vocals, performing Alicia Ziff
Violin Laura ter Beek
Cello Floris te Boekhorst
Cello Ilse Gerritsen
Percussion Oscar Kamstra
Light Jetze Nanninga
Sound Rudie Loor


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