Arling’s Bombay Connection Band


Originally, the Bombay Connection Band was formed to play at the presentation party of two fantastic compilation albums of Bollywood music from between 1950-1980, carefully selected by Bollywood soundtrack expert Edo Bouman.

The party took place in Paradiso, Amsterdam, and was so much fun that more concerts followed. Have a look at the band’s website for more dates.

In this project, I have a lot of fun playing flute, the theremin and saxophone, playing along the hilarious Bollywod-B-movie "Surakksha" (1979).


Bass, arrangements, band leader Gerry Arling
Sitar Ashok Pathak
Tabla Sandip Bhattacharya / Sathyam Sheoratan
Flute, Sax, Theremin Jan Klug
Keyboards Hans Kaldeway
Drums Harry Arling


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