Solo performances

Upcoming project: JAN SOLO!

On sunday, 21 october 2007, I’ll give a solo performance in the ORKZ in Groningen (NL), at aproximately 19.23.

This will be an experimental show, including looping of live audio and video material, a cat and at least one rat. Maybe these will not be present live though, to keep things a bit peaceful.

This show will start off my research trajectory, that will
hopefully sooner or later lead to a ‘full’ performance.

Next step in this process will be a performance at the Junges Theater in Bremen / Germany, on November 11; no information on participating animals is available for this show yet.

In january 2008, I’ll work in the studio of the Grand Theatre Groningen
for a while, to conclude this first round of experimenting.

More information will follow later, maybe including modern things
like images etc, in the Solo
part of this website.

Sound & Visuals

My solo performances took place in a variety of settings, in any combination of my activities. For example, i played on the Lowlands festival, Wintertuin festival, Sonorama festival, the Notte dei Musei festival (Spoleto), club Vera, gallery openings etc – and mostly, I created a mix of sound and image specifically for the occasion.

Unfortunately, most of these concerts I didn’t document properly, as I was busy creating a mix of sound and vision.. 😉

For now, one recording of a sound-only performance (and even without computers..) is available in my Media Gallery.

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