Air Ways in Oldenburg

A dance performance by Roni Haver & Guy Weizman (Club Guy & Roni) running at the Staatstheater in Oldenburg (Germany).

“The almost erotic tension that lies in the search for the truth in science as in spirituality is the basis for the performance Airways. Scientists developed the theory of chaos to understand that everything in our world is connected in a reactive system. Positive power in the chaos of nature is a result of circumstances and events. Airways uses chaos to create movements, energy and images. The very enervating “Weather” of composer Michael Gordon together with the spiritual music of Arvo Pärt is the musical basis for Airways.”

Next to performing live visuals and electronic sounds in this performance, i made a videoclip for the final piece of the performance – “Salve Regina” by Arvo Pärt.

Performances 2011:

february: Wed 2., Su 20., Su 27.
march: Fr 11., Thu 17., Tu 22.

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