The MusixMatchMoogMaxMSP ThereminKaraokeSystem

At MusicHackday Amsterdam on march 23 & 24 2012, I developed the MusixMatchMoogMaxMSP (aka MMMMM), the ThereminKaraokeSystem.

This system allows the user to browse the MusixMatch library for lyrics & subtitles, and then “sings” them by theremin-controlled VoiceSynthesis.

The perfect solution for those evenings when you are forced to sing Karaoke while you don’t want to use your voice but accidentally brought your Moog Etherwave!

I’m happy that it was awarded with the 1st price of MusixMatch :)

Stay tuned for more documentation & media!

image by roelandp ( ) / Heleen / Vincent (some rights reserved)



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