Theremin performance in Grand Theatre.. Solo & with Knalpot!

In the Electro Acoustic Sessions festival at the Grand Theatre in Groningen (18 and 19 may), the theremin will be featured in a couple of performances.
Which in itself is already great 😉

I’m particularly happy though that I’ll also perform there, on saturday, the 19th.
Starting with a solo performance (where I’ll not only play with my double theremin setup, but also with the wireless hands-controller-setup that I developed at Steim last month), I will then be joined by one of my favorite bands – Knalpot from Amsterdam – for a [probably quite wild] set.

Later that night, Knalpot will finish off the festival with their standard-lineup (Raphael Vanoli on guitar & Gerri Jäger on drums), but in-between, the nice people at the Grand Theatre programmed a special treat: One of the best thereminists in the world, Pamelia Kurstin, will perform solo!

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